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This section was reserved for updates about South Africa today, but what is there to say?  The situation in South Africa today is chaotic, much like the forecasters said it would be if the white government fell.  South Africa, like Zimbabwe before it, is on its barefoot way back to the bush. The public record today is so clear there is little need to call attention to the details of the human disaster that has become Southern Africa. 

To look back on the time spent in Southern Africa is like reading science fiction about a make-believe land far away, at a different time.  It really did exist, at one time.  But now it is gone forever, as are its many accomplishments. South Africa was no Camelot for anyone, but while it existed EVERYONE there never had it so good.  Now, everyone has lost. One can only hope the advocates for the changes are satisfied.

"Donít let it be forgot, that once there was a spot, for one brief shining moment that was known as Camelot South Africa."

Turn out the light.


An interesting link or two.

This South African and Namibian Online Travel Guide is a good source of photos, maps and highly sanitized, simplified, glorified and  very  Politically Corrected tourist-grade information. 


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